Where Has The Morality & Common Sense Gone??

In my 60 yrs of life I have seen the world turned upside down.

Where once we were a nation of decency, morality, and common sense, we have moved to the opposite side of the coin and embrace freaks, anti-morality, and criminal behavior.  


Look at television; up through the early 70s you could allow any child to watch any channel and not worry about them seeing or hearing filth!  You could turn on any movie and not see vulgar acts or hear filthy language yet the movies of the 30s & 40s were some of the best made!

You could watch a funny show like “Andy Griffith” or “Beverly Hillbillies” and get to enjoy REAL humor instead of the filty-mouth men that get laughs by being obscene because they have no talant of REAL humor.

You didn’t have to worry about some sicko freak with body pearcings and saggy pants being around your kids.  You didn’t have to worry about your kids being exposed to anti-God teachings in public schools.

EXCEPT for the racism I would love to go back to the 50s!!